Bartek & From Warsaw With Love is:

Drums – Yurii Zhyharev

Bass – Roman Tur

Guitar and Voice – Bart Milczarczyk

Recorded @qualitystudiowarsaw

Mixed and Mastered by Piotr Szumski

Video Recording by Łukasz Echeński Łukasz Echeński – Fotografia

Video Editing by Bart Milczarczyk

New Song OUt TODAY!

Dance Monkey by Bartek & From Warsaw With Love is out now.

Check it out on Spotify 👇…

… or anywhere else you purchase or stream music. Full video will be out on Thursday.

So how this came about…

I moved to Poland on my birthday during the heart of the pandemic (#NowIsNotTheTimeToTravel) and met my Ukrainian brothers, Roma and Yura, through a Facebook add when I was looking for musicians to play with. Through some last minute circumstances we ended up playing a gig together (filling in on vox and guitar for their other band) only two days later. We were scrambling to find 30 songs we all new and this one was easy enough to throw in (in a closer to the original arrangement) as it’s only four chords and I was playing it already in my solo sets.

Well during the gig, the ending turned into a full on punk rock assault… and naturally… I really dug that. When I was leaving Poland (at least I thought I was leaving) I wanted to have something to remember these times by, so we rehearsed a bunch and recorded 3 cover tunes in our own, new arrangements at @qualitystudiowarsaw in Warsaw.

Then the video and audio sat for a year because … procrastination is a mother#####. I finally met a brilliant audio engineer, Piotrek Szumski a few months ago after hearing one of his mixes and decided he had to be the man to mix these recordings (and hopefully more music in the future) as I had no luck elsewhere to get it how I wanted it to sound.

So the next two tunes will be out soon and I hope you will dig what we did with our 🇵🇱🇺🇦 collab. If you really like the original of this song…I know you may really hate what we did.

(Also see if you can hear three animal noises I tried to get from the guitar – monkey, some wild cat and elephant)

I hope this massacre in Ukraine will end soon and Yura, Roma and myself can get back rocking out in Warsaw.

From Warsaw With Love, ❤️

Yura, Roma, Bart

New long distance Covid Collab!

One of my favorite tunes from Tragically Hip while growing up, covered with my great friend and outstanding artist from Scotland, AMA. Since we recorded a Scottish song together ( I thought it’s only fair to record a Canadian one.

RIP Mr.Canada aka Gord Downie

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New Single and Video! – AUGUST 6 – 12pm EDT Time

Video Produced by Video Business

Music and Lyrics by Bartlomiej Milczarczyk
Produced by Bartek
Mixed by Kevin Doyle
Mastered by Siegfried Meier @ Beach Road Mastering
Recording Engineers: Nathan Carter Moore, James Robinson, Bart Milczarczyk
Recorded at: Humber Studios, Toronto, Canada; MPB Studios, Waterloo, Canada and Wanted Sound and Pitcure, Toronto, Canada

Drums: Florin Stoia
Percussion: Waleed Abdulhamid
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Cavaquinho: Bartek

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